Training on Intercountry Adoption Program & Preparing Children for Adoption

September 25, 2019 (Wednesday)

Day 1 Feedback/ Evaluation

Legal Aspect/ Framework of Adoption (Interface of Domestic and ICA Law and RA 11222)

Workshop on Child Study Report Writing for ICA

Quick Guide for Social Workers Handling Children for Adoption

September 26, 2019 (Thursday)

Day 2 Feedback/ Evaluation

Matching Process Workshop

Relative Adoption

Medical and Developmental Assessment Open forum

Immigration Policies Open Forum

Post Legal Adoption Services

September 27, 2019 (Friday)

Day 3 Feedback/ Evaluation

Understanding Psychological Assessment

Relational Issues in Adoption- Bonding and Attachment, Loss and Grief

Preparing Children for Transition
Tools, Techniques and resources to prepare a child for adoption