We envision a Central Authority that is on the cutting edge of organizational development led by a multi-disciplinary team of experts and competent staff who proactively respond to the demands of international adoption.


To place Filipino children with suitable foreign adoptive families abroad to ensure the protection, security, and the best interests of the children. ICAB aims to achieve this mission through:• Formulation and development of policies, rules and regulations to ensure the protection of Filipino children adopted abroad;• Development and implementation of inter-country adoption services, including post legal adoptions;• Authorization/accreditation of foreign adoption agencies (FAAs) and through the DSWD, accredit child caring agencies/placing agencies (CCAs/CPAs) to participate in the program; and• Continuing partnership and networking with foreign adoption agencies (FAAs), child caring/child placing agencies (CCAs/CPAs) and other related agencies or authorities.


Respect for Human Dignity


Commitment and Compassion


Best Practice/Service Excellence


We are committed to provide you quality, prompt and courteous service from Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. without noon breaks.

We will inform you promptly of our actions taken so far and clearly explain to you the reason/s should we be unable to complete the delivery of service you need.

We shall ensure availability of staff to attend to your concerns even during lunch break.

We shall endeavor to strengthen our advocacy efforts towards the development of sound policies and practices in adoption and child protection with the help of current knowledge based on high quality research and best practice models.

We are devoted to nurturing meaningful partnerships with our various stakeholders, applying universally accepted principles of effective communication, efficient networking, and deep cross-cultural sensitivity.

We shall appreciate any positive or negative feedback regarding our services, facilities and personnel.

The Officer-of-the-Day of our frontline services shall be available at all times for consultation and advice.

For our Clients and Partners:
The opinions of and feedback from our clients and partners regarding the services availed at the Intercountry Adoption Board (ICAB) is very important to us to improve our work.
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Steps Person in charge Location
1. Register name in the logbook, leave a I.D. and get ICAB Visitor’s I.D. from the Guard Security Guard on Duty ICAB Office
2. Proceed to the receiving Area of ICAB and Security Guard calls Officer of the Day or concerned Person Security GuardOfficer of the Day ICAB Main Building
a. For Pre-matching Concerns: Child Welfare Unit ICAB Main Building
b. For walk-in inquiries Officer of the Day ICAB Main Building
c. For mailed/couriered letters/packages Security Guard on Duty ICAB Office
d. For payment or cash transaction Cashier ICAB Main Building Upper Basement
e. For job application, service records Administrative Services Unit ICAB Extension Office 2nd Floor
3. When done with transactions, return Visitor’s I.D. to Guard and retrieve personal I.D. Security Guard ICAB Office
A. Technical Inquiries on Intercountry Adoption (ICA) Program
  • Walk-in
1. Client is escorted by the Guard on Duty to the Receiving Area and endorsed to the Officer of the Day (OD).
2. The OD confers/discuss with walk-in client request for services or information on intercountry adoption program.
  Operations – Social Workers Within 1 hour  
  • Written
1. Inquiry (local and international) received by email is downloaded and printed by Incoming Clerk of Records Unit.
2. Printed communication is recorded/encoded in tracking system for incoming mails.
3. Regular mail received is encoded in the tracking system of the Incoming Clerk of Records Unit.
4. All emails/regular mails are endorsed to the Secretary of the Executive Director for notations/instructions of the Head of Agency.
5. Farm out all incoming communications to concerned Unit or ICAB staff after notation of the Head of Agency.
6. Concerned worker responds to the nature of requests or issues indicated In the written inquiries.
  Operations – Social Workers Within 2 working days Letter of Inquiry
B. Assessment of Child’s Adoptability Non-relative cases Relative cases Special Needs cases 1. Children’s dossier is received from the DSWD Protective Services Bureau with Intercountry Adoption Clearance.
2. The child’s dossier is endorsed to the Child Welfare Unit (CWU).
3. Case information is encoded for inclusion in the Roster of Children for ICA.
4. Categorization of the child’s case (Special Needs-Special Home Finding, Relative, Independent Placement) is determined and
5. Completeness and consistency of data/information is determined by the CWU social worker.
6. If Child Study Report (CSR) and supporting documents (SDs) are complete and substantive, notification is made to the concerned Child Caring Agency (CCA) for schedule of pre-matching conference.
7. If the CSR and/or SDs are incomplete or needs further clarification, written communication is made to the concerned CCA for the provision of complete information or documents.
8. Once completed by the CCA, a pre-matching conference is scheduled.
  • Child Welfare Unit
• Relative Adoption Unit
• Special Projects Unit
Within 10 days after receipt of child’s dossier (if complete and substantive information and supporting documents 1. DSWD Endorsement Letter
2. Intercountry Adoption (ICA) Clearance
3. DSWD Certification Declaring a Child Legally Available for Adoption (CDCLAA)
4. Child Study Report
5. PSA SecPa Birth or Foundling Certificate
6. Medical Evaluation Report
7. Psychological Evaluation Report
8. Notarized Deed of Voluntary Commitment
9. PSa SecPa Death Certificate of child’s birthparents (if applicable)
10. Child’s own written consent to adoption, if he/she is ten (10) years old and above
11. Most recent whole body sixe picture of the child taken within 6 months upon submission of documents
C. Assessment of Suitability of Adoption Applicants 1. The adoption applicants must file their application with the ICAB accredited Foreign Adoption Agency (FAA) or Central Authority (CA) in the country of residence of the Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs).
2. The dossier of the adoption applicant (Home Study Report and Supporting Documents) are officially endorsed in the English language by the FAA or CA.
3. The dossier is routed to the Executive Director for notation and instructions.
4. The dossier is endorsed to the concerned Operations Unit for eligibility and suitability assessment.
5. The concerned social worker reviews the completeness, consistency and substantial information of the dossier of the adoption applicants.
6. The concerned social worker prepares the adoption application profile taking into account the motivation, resources, strengths and weaknesses and the child preference of the PAPs.
7. The reviewed dossier is endorsed to the Intercountry Placement Committee member for the 2nd level review/evaluation of HSR and SDs and makes the necessary recommendation to the Board.
8. All dossiers reviewed by the ICPC members are agendaed for deliberation in the Board Meeting for appropriate actions (approval, disapproval or deferment).
9. In cases where there are lacking or inconsistent information or supporting documents, request for clarifications and submission of the supporting document is communicated to the concerned FAA/CA.
10. Upon submission by the FAA/CA of the additional information and/or supporting documents, the dossier is endorsed to the ICPC for the 2nd level review for appropriate recommendations to the Board.
11. Once approved, the PAPs are included in the Roster of Approved Adoptive Applicants (RAA) to be considered for child referral, following policies and guidelines on matching.
12. Should the application be found lacking by the Board, letter of clarification is sent by the concerned unit social worker to the FAA/CA for compliance to requested information or supporting documents. Once completed the dossier is resented to the Board for appropriate action.
13. In cases where the adoption application is disapproved, a letter is furnished to the FAA/CA concerned indicating reason/s for disapproval. The whole dossier is returned to the FA/CA.Written
Application fee of US$200.00 upon endorsement of the adoption application. Payment is in company check or international money order or international bank draft. • Family Resource Unit
• Relative Adoption Unit
• Special Projects Unit
• Records Unit
Within 15 days upon receipt of complete and substantive dossier 1. Endorsement by Foreign Adoption Agency of adoption dossier
2. Adoption Application
3. Undertaking under oath
4. Information and Personal data of the applicants
5. Check-list of Acceptable Condition of Child
6. Birth Certificate of the applicants
7. Marriage Contract of the applicants and in the proper case, Decree of Divorce of all previous marriages of both spouses
8. Medical Evaluation by a duly licensed physician (applicants and all children living with the applicants)
9. Psychological Evaluation Report of applicants by a psychologist
10. Latest income tax return or other documents showing the financial capability of the applicants
11. Clearance issued by the Police Department or other proper government agency of the place where the applicants reside
12. Character reference from the local church/minister, the applicant’s employer and a member of the immediate community who have known the applicants for at least five (5) years.
13. A Certification that the appropriate government agency that the applicant is qualified to adopt under his/her national law and that the child to be adopted is allowed to enter the country for trial custody and reside permanently in the said place once adopted.
14. Recent postcard size pictures of the applicants, their immediate family members and their home.
15. Self-Report Questionnaire (required when the Psychological evaluation is inadequate)
16. Notarized Written Acceptance Letter of Guardianship
17.Application fee of US$200.00 in company check or international money order or international bank draft.
18. Board approval (within 1 month after receipt of the adoption dossier if complete and substantive).
D. Pre-Matching of Children for ICA 1. The CCA social workers reports to the ICAB for pre-matching conference where ten (10) dossiers of approved adoption applicants are given for review and assessment to CCA social worker.
2. The CCA social worker trims down choices of Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) into two (2) priority families and completes the matching justification form and child’s profile.
3. The CWU collates all cases of children for matching together with the justification forms and child’s profile.
4. These documents are emailed to the Intercountry Placement Committee (ICPC) scheduled to attend and participate in the Matching Conference done every Tuesday of the week.
  • Child Welfare Unit
• Records Unit
4 working days Dossier of Child
Five Dossiers of Approved Adoption Applicants
Child and Family Profile
Justification Form for First and Second Priority Family
Matching Consideration
E. Matching Conference 1. The ICPC members, the CWU staff and the concerned CCA social workers participate in the Matching Conference where deliberation on the child’s needs and the resources of the selected PAPs are done.
2. The CCA social worker justifies the first and second priority families for a specific child/ren.
3. The ICPC makes the recommendation to the Board as to the first and second priority suitable to respond to the needs of the child/ren.
4. The ICPC Secretariat/CWU collectively endorses to the Board the matching recommendations.
  • Child Welfare Unit
• Office of the ED
Within 5 hours Matching Consideration Summary of Justification
Dossiers of Children
Dossiers of 1st and 2nd Priority Families
Placement CertificationMinutes of ICPC Matching Conference
F. Board Meeting 1. The SWO V prepares the Board Meeting Minutes of the previous Board meeting and the Provisional Agenda.
2. The Administrative Assistant/Secretary of the Executive Director collates and scans the Board Meeting Minutes, Provisional Agenda and all the Executive Summaries, Matching Justifications and Recommendation and other documents required for the Board Meeting and sends these via email to the Board Members.
3. The Alternate Chairperson and the Board Members along with the Executive Director attends and participate in the discussion/deliberation of
a) Adoption Application for action of the Board.
b) ICPC recommendations on matching of children
c) Policies requiring action
d) Disruption cases (if any)
e) Schedule of Accreditation of FAAs (if any)
f) Feedback Reports on Accreditation of FAAs
g) Accreditation Report on Liaison Service Agencies (if any)
h) Invitation by FAA/CA or other governmental/non-governmental organizations for attendance of Board and/or Executive Director to international conferences or conventions (if any)
  • Board Members
• Office of the ED
• Division chief/SWO V
• Child Welfare Unit
• Relative Adoption Unit
• Special Projects Unit
Within 5 hours Executive Summaries of Cases for Board Action
Placement Certification Minutes of Matching Conference
Board Action on Placement Proposal
Endorsement of Placement Proposal to concerned Foreign Adoption Agency (FAA)
(If placement proposal disapproved by the Board, notification to concerned Child Caring Agency (CCA)
G. Placement Services 1. The CWU, Family Resource Relative Adoption and the SPU-SHF social worker prepares the Placement Proposal to the FAA of the approved first priority family including the documents of the child and indicates the fees and charges (processing and pre-travel fees).
2. Outcome of the Board’s action on the matching proposal is relayed to the concerned CCA social worker.
3. Once accepted the case of the child is turned over to the Family Resource (FR) -Regular Adoption Unit for the processing of the pre-travel documents.
•For SHF and relative adoption cases the concerned social workers handles the case from matching presentation to the Board, processing of pre-travel documents, entrustment of the child to finalization of adoption.
4. The concerned social worker of the Family Resource –Regular and Relative, and SHF coordinates/notifies in writing with the concerned CCA social worker on the acceptance or non-acceptance of child referral.
5. If there is an acceptance, the CCA/CPA will be provided with the Family/Welcome Album (pictures of PAPs, family members, their home and community) so as to help prepare/familiarize the child and the CCA/CPA on the PAPs and the family members.
6. If the 1st priority family does not accept the matching proposal, the Secretariat will inform the CCA of the non-acceptance and endorse the matching proposal to the 2nd priority family. If the 2nd priority family is no longer available, the Secretariat will schedule re-matching of the child.
7. If neither one of two priority families accepts the child, a re-matching is scheduled within two (2) weeks after receipt of the non-acceptance and the concerned CCA undertakes steps/procedures for Pre-Matching to Matching Conference
8. Once payment of the processing fee and pre-travel fess are made, the concerned social worker prepares the Placement Authority for endorsement to the FAA/CA.
9. FR – regular, relative and SHF social worker endorses to the with the Liaison Service worker all the child’s documents for the processing of the travel documents i.e. for DFA appearance for passport, visa medical, visa interview, PDOS at CFO.
10. The concerned social worker may accompany the child for visa medical or visa interview if needed/required by the Embassy concerned.
Processing Fee:
US$2,000 for single placement
US$3,000 for sibling group regardless of number of siblings.
The pre-travel fess varies from one child to another depending on what part of the Philippines the child comes from and what country he/she is going to. Some Embassies of the Receiving Countries charge visa fees and require visa medical examinations while others do not. The total amount will be quoted by the ICAB in the placement proposal.
• Records Unit
• Family
• Resource Unit
• Relative Adoption Unit
• Special Projects Unit
• Liaison Service Unit
Within 15 days after receipt of the official acceptance of child proposal and processing fee Dossier of child and approved prospective adoptive parent (PAP)
Acceptance letter from PAP endorsed by FAA/CA
Placement Authority
Travel Forms (Passport, Visa Medical, Visa Application, Travel Clearance for ICA)
Official Receipt of Processing Fee of US$2,000 for single child placement or US$3,000 for sibling
H. Entrustment Services 1. Once the pre-travel documents are completed, concerned social worker notifies the FAA/CA for the schedule of physical transfer/entrustment of the child. The letter of notification includes among others a proposed travel itinerary.
2. When the FAA/CA provides the travel itinerary of the PAPs, the CCA is notified of the schedule of arrival and the visits to be undertaken.
3. The concerned social worker accompanies the PAPs in the discharge and entrustment of the child at the CCA.
4. Prior to the departure for the country of residence, the PAPs and the child visits the ICAB for the Pre-Departure Visit (PDV) where the travel documents of the child is officially endorsed to the PAPs. During the PDV, the PAPs are asked on any issues and concerns after the entrustment and during the stay of the child with the PAPs, return any extra pre-travel fess, remind to cooperate with the FAA/CA on the required post placement supervision of 6 months upon entrustment of the child and the finalization of adoption should there be a mutually satisfying relationship established.
5. The concerned social worker notifies the FAA/CA of the travel to the home country of the PAPs and the child, the required submission of the 3 Post Placement Supervision Reports.
  • Family Resource Unit
• Relative Adoption Unit
• Records Unit
Within 20 days after notification to PAPs of completed pre-travel documents Visa Packet (Passport, Entry Visa etc.
Travel Clearance for ICA
Travel Authority
I. Trial Custody Supervision (Within 6 months to 1 year post placement supervision) 1. During the pre-adoptive placement, the CA/FAA shall furnish the Board with quarterly reports on the child’s health, psycho-social adjustments and relationships with the applicant/s. The report shall also include updated information regarding the applicant’s personal circumstances, if any.
2. The Board shall furnish the child’s CCA a copy of the Post Placement Reports.
3. If a satisfactory pre-adoptive
relationship is formed between the applicant/s and the child, the ICAB social worker prepares the Justification for the issuance of the Affidavit of Consent to Adoption (ACA). The justification shall be based on the three Post Placement Reports and other collateral information.
4. ICAB transmit the Affidavit of Consent to Adoption executed by the Department to the CA and/or FAA within fifteen (15) days from receipt of the last post placement report.
5. The CA and/or the FAA shall ensure that the applicant/s file the appropriate petition for the adoption of the child to the proper court or tribunal or agency in accordance with their national law.
6. The CA or FAA is required to ensure finalization of the adoption within the maximum period to finalize the child’s/ren’s adoption to ensure that the Adoption Decree in the Receiving Country is duly issued and finalized before the child exceeds the age of adoptability in the receiving country. In all cases the maximum period shall not exceed two years from issuance of the ACA.
7. A copy of the final Decree of Adoption or its equivalent, including the Certificate of Citizenship/Naturalization, whenever applicable, shall be transmitted by the CA and/or FAA to ICAB within one (1) month after its issuance.
8. The copy of the Decree of Adoption shall form part of the records of ICAB.
9. The concerned CCA/CPA shall be furnished a copy of the Adoption Decree and the Certificate of Citizenship (if applicable),
  • Family Resource Unit
• Relative Adoption Unit
• Special Projects Unit
• Records Unit
5-15 days upon receipt of the PPR or Adoption Decree

Post Placement Supervision Report (PPR)
Consent to Adoption
Adoption Decree
Citizenship Certificate

  • PPRs and Adoption Decree endorsed by the FAA through email are likewise sent for sharing by email to the concerned Child Caring Agency.

J. Post Adoption Services

  • Retrieval of information
Adoptive parents or the adult adoptee requesting for non-identifying information must specify the information required and indicate purpose or reasons for the request/s.
a. ICAB Post Adoption SW request Records Unit for the retrieval of case file.
b. In cases for request of adoption records (CSR, DVC, Medical Evaluation Report) such documents will be scanned or photocopied for transmittal and endorsement to the requesting party.
c. In cases of request for clarification of information i.e. physical stature of birth family, medical history of birth family etc., the ICAB Post Adoption SW coordinates with the concerned DSWD Field Office or CCA to obtain the requested information or documents.
d. Report from the DSWD Field Office or CCA is shared by the Post Adoption social worker to the requesting party i.e. FAA, adoptive parents or adoptee.
  A. Post Adoption Unit
B. Records Unit
C. Liaison Services Unit
D. Cashier
 If available in casefile, 2 weeks after receipt of request.
 2-3 Months preparation from receipt of request.
 3-12 months depending on available information
 2-6 months after receipt of request
 Letter of Request
 Update Reports
 Original Birth or Foundling Certificate
 Adoption Decree
  • Amendment of Birth Certificate
The CA or FAA or the adoptive parents may request the ICAB to facilitate the amendment of the birth certificate of the adoptee.
a. The ICAB will register the adoption decree with the Manila Office of the Civil Registrar General (OCRG) and get the Certificate of Registration.
b. ICAB shall secure blank form of the Birth/Foundling Certificate from the LCR.
c. ICAB fill up all boxes of one copy of the LCR Birth Certificate (B/F C) and endorses such to the family for review of correctness of entries. Should there be no errors in the entries, the adoptive parents must sign the four (4) blank LCR BC/FC. Otherwise, adoptive parents must make necessary correction and sign the 4 blank LCR BC/FC. These must be returned to the ICAB for application of amendment of BC/FC to the concerned LCR where the child was born and/or originally registered.
d. LCR to make the necessary amendments based on the information provided by the adoptive parents.
e. The LCR will forward the amended birth/foundling certificate to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
f. The PSA will issue the Security Paper (SECPA) Birth Certificate. (No annotation is required in the amended birth certificate).
e. The PSA SECPA Birth Certificate will be forwarded to the requesting party/applicant.
Administrative Fee of US$150.00 for Amendment of Birth Certificate A. Post Adoption Unit
B. Records Unit
C. Liaison Services Unit
D. Cashier
3-6 Months from receipt of the request. 1. Letter of request
2. Authenticated ADOPTION DECREE by the Philippine Consulate in the country where the adoption was finalized
3. Signed blank form of the birth certificate from the LCR.
  • Homeland Tour
FAA makes written request along with the following :
a. List of adoptees with basic information (original name, date of birth, CCA, name of adoptive parents and date of placement)
b. Tentative itinerary of travel including proposed schedule of activities
c. ICAB coordinates with the DSWD or CCA for retrieval of files and schedule of visits (reconnect adoptive parents to ICAB for any request of PASs).
d. ICAB arrange scheduled, planned and supervised activity for minor or adult adoptees and adoptive parents i.e. visit to the orphanage or center and/or explore and experience the birth heritage/culture and learn more about their adoption history.
  A. Post Adoption Unit
B. Records Unit
2-6 months from receipt of the request. 1. Letter of Request
2. List of adoptees with basic information (original name, date of birth, CCA, name of adoptive parents and date of placement)
3. Tentative itinerary of travel
4. Proposed schedule of activities
  • Search and Reunion
The intent to search may be done upon written or personal request made by either the adult who is adoptee 18 years of age or above, adoptive parent/s in behalf of child or by the birth parent/s. A written request shall be made by the adoptee directly or through their CA/FAA addressed to ICAB.
1. The FAA or adoptive parents or adoptee shall be required to submit the following pieces of information:
2. Name of adoptee and original name prior to adoption;
3. Name of adoptive parents.
4. Date and place of birth of adoptee
5. Name of Child Caring Agencies where the adoptee came from.
6. Date of adoption placement Date of finalization of adoption
7. Reasons for the search
8. Intervention or services (e.g counseling undertaken to assist the adoptee in his interest to search for his roots).
9. Excerpts of the State or Country law allowing adoptee to undertake the search; and
10. Assessment of the FAA on the preparedness of the adoptee to undertake the search.
11. The applicant shall be required to submit available documents pertaining to the adoption such as original birth/foundling certificate, amended birth certificate, and placement authority.
12. Upon receipt of the complete application, ICAB shall retrieve files and review of all case materials pertaining to the adoption.
13. If the birthmother/parents live outside Metro-Manila, a request to facilitate the search is made with the concerned DSWD Field Office or Child Caring Agency.
14. If located, DSWD/CCA provide search and reunion counseling session on intention of the adoptee to search and meet, level off expectations and thresh out issues about adoption placement.
15. Obtain the readiness, interest and consent of birthmother/family to purse the search and reunion.
16. The ICAB officially inform/update the CA/FAA or the applicant of the results of the search.
17. The readiness of the adoptee and the biological parent/s and whether or not initial participation of current significant person/s shall be assessed.
18. Gradual course of contact recommended i.e. adoptee/adoptive parents write and exchange letters which does not contain any identifying information. This letter is an opportunity for adoptee to introduce oneself, may include a brief summary of major events in one’s life, as well as a statement about how the adoption experience has affected his/her life. Do not include last name, address, phone number, or email in this letter. It is best to wait until both the adoptive parents/adoptee and birth relative are comfortable before releasing this information.
19. Plan and schedule reunion meeting.
20. When reunion is decided, preparations of all concerned must be 20 carefully planned to avoid any possible negative experience.
21. Approval/Consent from the birth parents, adoptive parents and the 22 adoptee must be secured before contact and/or reunion with each 23 other can be arranged.
22. Actual reunion is undertaken in coordination with the ICAB, DSWD FO or CCA.
23. The CA/FAA or adoptive parents and adult adoptee provides the ICAB with the itinerary of travel for the reunion meeting with the birth family/relatives.
24. The birth parent/s and the adoptee must be given time and space to arrive at a decision at how their lives will move on after the reunion.
25. Adoptee, adoptive parents and DSWD FO/CCA concerned are required to give feedback and impression pertaining to the reunion and clarifications on issues that emerged during the reunion.
  A. Post Adoption Unit
B. Records Unit
6-24 months upon receipt of the request (dependent on the available information to locate the birthmother/parents/relatives) i. Letter of request from the FAA/CA/Adoptive Parents/Adoptee
ii. Child Study Report (if available)
iii. Birth/Foundling Certificate (if available)
iv. Adoption Decree
v. Assessment Report of the FAA or psychologist on the readiness of the adoptee to undertake the search and reunion.
vi. Search/Feedback Report of the DSWD/CCA.
vii. Consent of the birthmother/parents/ siblings (if applicable) to the reunion.
Service Person Responsible Processing Time Documentary Requirements
Request for service record Admin Unit 5 working days Letter of request/s noted by the Head of Agency
Follow-up on status of job application Admin Unit 10 minutes – None –
Request for Certification of Payments/Contribution to Pag-Ibig, GSIS, PhilHealth, BIR (ITR) etc. Accounting Unit 1-2 days Letter of Request
Request of Payment Accounting Unit
3-5 days Billing StatementReport
Issuance of Certificate of Attendance/Participation PDU (for external trainings) Admin (for in-house training) 2-4 days DSWD Field Office Endorsed List of Participants Registration Sheet
Request for Reports (Physical Accomplishment Reports, Financial and other Technical Reports) Office of the E.D.
SWO V/Division Chief
Admin and Finance Unit
2-4 days from receipt Letter of Request
Request to conduct research work Office of the E.D.
Division Chief
2 working days Letter of Request
Request for interview Office of the E.D.
Division Chief
2 working days Letter of Request
Request for reports Office of the E.D.
Division Chief
3-5 working days from receipt Letter of Request
Request for information (filling up of survey, questionnaire, other required information sheets) Office of the E.D.
5-10 working days Letter of Request
Survey Forms
Request for IEC Materials Walk-in Operations
2 working days from day of receiptWithin the day Letter of Request
Invitation to a training, seminar, conference or similar undertaking Office of the E.D.
Division Chief
Admin Unit
Within 2-3 working days Invitation Letter
Participation in agency activities Office of the E.D.
Within 2-5 working days Invitation Letter
Special Order
Request for travel Office of the E.D.
Admin Unit
Within 2-5 working days Letter of Request
Letter of Invitation