Description of the Project

There are waiting children who have been cleared for inter-country adoption whose chances of finding their permanent families could be greatly enhanced through their exposure to Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) via a Summer Program. This program is a strategy for finding possible permanent families for older Filipino children long cleared for inter-country adoption and have long been waiting in institutions since there are no families expressing their desire to parent them. The Hosting Program is open to the different Child Caring Agencies (CCAs) nationwide.  There are many other children who may be eligible to participate in the Hosting Program pending their being fully screened as to their physical, social, and psychological preparedness and suitability.

Filipino children traveling to the United States will spend their summer/spring/fall or winter living with identified host families for three (3) to four (4) weeks. The host families may have adopted before or are foster families who have signified an interest in adopting or else have a strong commitment to children.  Their exposure to the minors while they are in their homes or in the community may eventually lead to the family’s decision to adopt.  The children, on the other hand, will experience family life with an American family and be exposed to a more stimulating environment than that which they have been accustomed to in the institution.  The community’s awareness of the need for such children to have permanent homes will deliberately be aimed at.

All the children participants of the Hosting Program (HP) must return to the Philippines and the prescribed adoption process must be followed.  They are to vacation in the USA with an American family over the summer/spring/autumn time.  The approved children participants of the Hosting Program shall be told of and prepared for the objectives of the program, cushioning them on the risks involved – most crucial of which is that of not being considered for adoption with due emphasis on the fact that the Hosting Program is undertaken to also serve as a means of experiencing a meaningful trip to the USA with the distinct opportunity of actually living with an American family and experiencing the American way of life over a period of 3-4  weeks.


  1. Inclusion criteria for children who can participate in the Summer Program:
  • Must be between 7-15 years old;

  • Legally free for adoption, has been cleared for inter-country adoption (ICA), categorized as Special  Needs Children for Special Home Finding  (SNC-SHF) and all legal documents have been submitted to the ICAB e.g.  NSO Birth Certificate or Foundling Certificate, DVC or DA and Certificate of Finality.

  • Physically and psychologically fit and healthy, without any contagious illnesses nor behavioral impairment/disturbance particularly conduct disorders;

  • Residents of RSCC, in licensed foster home/s or licensed/accredited CCA/CPA;

  • Able to express/communicate his/her basic needs using basic English language;

  • Consents to participate in the program.

2. The following reports/documents of the children shall be forwarded to the  committee for review and evaluation:

  • Child Study Report with its latest update

  • Updated Medical Records and Medical Report to include a Certification from a Medical Specialist that the child/ren is/are fit to travel.

  • Most current Psychological Evaluation Report

  • Affidavit of Informed Consent to participate in the Hosting Program for children 10 years old and above.

3. The approved children shall participate and attend the social preparation prior to the departure and the debriefing activities a day or two after their arrival. They shall likewise cooperate fully in the processing of their travel documents.

  • All the children and the escorts shall immediately return to the Philippines after their 3-4 week stay in the USA. They shall go back to their respective Child Caring Agency/Placing Agency after the completion of their debriefing unless arrangement have previously been made that child/ren participants stay in another CCA/CPA
  • Should any of the children be identified for adoptive placement by their host/foster family, the complete processing of their inter-country adoption placement shall be undertaken in accordance to the rules and regulations of RA 8043.

Host Families

1. Inclusion criteria for Host Families:

  • At least 27 years old or older;
  • Married for at least 3 years;
  • The child/ren in their family are willing and prepared to participate in the program. A notarized Consent to host (a) child/sibling for the Hosting Program shall be required from the children in the family who are 10 years old and above.
  • Are physically and psychologically fit to host (a) Filipino child/sibling.
  • Have not been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude
  • Are in the position to provide proper care and support to the child/siblings they will host and are fully aware of their responsibilities as host families

2. The dossier of the identified host/foster family will be forwarded by the accredited sponsoring agency to the Board for the review and should include the following:

  • Home Report or Profile
  • Physical Health and Psychological Evaluation Report
  • Police and Child Abuse Clearance
  • Statement of Financial Stability
  • Current Foster Care License, if any
  • Volunteer Agreement or Letter of Acceptance to Host (a) Filipino child/siblings participant/s of the Hosting Program
  • Pictures of the couple, family and home.

3. The host family shall participate in the social preparatory sessions for the hosting of (a) Filipino child/siblings and shall fully understand the program, its goals and their corresponding responsibilities.

4. The host family shall be responsible for the temporary care, safety and overall welfare of the child/siblings.

5. The host family shall regularly coordinate with the agencies on the situations/circumstances of the child/siblings under their care and custody. For any emergency, they should report this within 24 hours to the concerned agency and the Social Worker-Guardian of the children.

6. The host family should not construe the Hosting Program as a venue to circumvent the adoption process. Applications for adoption shall be subject to existing laws and guidelines of the Philippine ICA Program. Any adoption plan of the host family shall only be discussed with the accredited sponsoring agency which will handle the inter-country adoption of the children participants.


The budget for the Hosting Program shall be provided by ICAB accredited sponsoring agency inclusive of the following: round trip airfare [Philippines-USA-Philippines, inclusive of local airfare, local transportation expenses while in the USA, accommodation, food, processing of travel documents (passport fee and visa fee), clothing, and other expenses of the children and the escort/s incidental to the Hosting Program.