May 30, 2016 ICAB was emailed a copy of the article

On May 30, 2016 ICAB was emailed a copy of the article: “The Philippines has 1.8 million abandoned children. Here’s what keeps them from adoption” and “It’s unfair. Even if we’re over 15, you should still adopt us, because we still need a family” published on May 30, 2016 by the Los Angeles Times. On May 31, 2016 ICAB sent the following email to the Correspondent MS SUNSHINE DE LEON (who to date has not emailed nor responded to the same). UPDATE: The story has been republished by the Business Mirror on June 3. 2016.


Ms. Sunshine de Leon
Correspondent, Los Angeles Time
Dear Ms. de Leon:
This has reference to your article co-written with Mr. Jonathan Kaiman.

The Inter-Country Adoption Board is saddened by the lack of verification of data used in the aforementioned article.

For your information, the child mentioned in the article, was cleared for inter-country adoption on October 23, 2014 at 16 years and 8 months old and has not “just turned 15” as stated in the article. The age is crucial since US laws are clear that only children below sixteen (16) are eligible for adoption to the US. xxx (the quoted) statement that: “The Intercountry Adoption Board just rejected her outright” therefore is based on the wrong premise. Continue reading