global 2015

Clay Storyteller

This Clay Storyteller is a stylized version of the current ICAB logo, which shows a father wrapping his arms around a mother and child. The child at the center of the figure, held by the mother and touching the father’s hands, represents the adopted child and the new bond with the adoptive parents.

There are two children peeking over the shoulder of the father and looking at the adoptive child. One represents a child who could already be part of the family the adopted child is joining, the other represents the other abandoned children in the Philippines still waiting to be adopted- both stand witness to the powerful love found in a family.

there is a dove on the father’s head. This represent the hope of the people behind ICAB, through whom this match was made.

The mother figure is painted using traditional Filipino design motifs: a simplified Ilocano weave, pinya kimono embroider and floral designs.